Bittunes is an Australian Start Up Company that has taken on the mission to create a new software platform to do something remedial in relation to the music industry. This has been a long term goal, going back almost ten years, but was kick started in 2013 with the sudden wide adoption of Bitcoin in April 2013.

Snap shot of the Bittunes team

Managing Director Simon Edhouse handles overall strategy, production coordination and design.  Simon holds a Masters degree in Commercialization of Science & Technology, writing his Master’s thesis on future applications of digital currencies in 2006. Adrien Violet has a Bachelors degree in applied computing and an Assoc degree in software engineering, from Université de Bretagne Sud, Lorient. He is an accomplished Android and Java programmer and after the successful completion of the Bittunes Android app, he is now working on the Desktop application.  Yi Lam Lo works across a number of key roles, from assisting with digital design and external IT systems, to HR, Accounts, project coordination and logistics. Speaking three languages fluently, she also serves as Chinese Liaison for the project: 任何比特币相关中国市场业务,不论是比特币钱包, 独立音乐人,比特币交易平台或投资者, 如果有任何相关查询,欢迎直接联络我。

Bittunes has been in semi-stealth mode since the project started, and this has been for many reasons. We are wanting to make a platform that significantly changes the status quo in the music industry and, quite simply you cannot do this over night. To create a system that has the potential to cause real disruption in the music industry we needed to prove principle of our concept and to build strategic alliances with key ‘friendly’ players in the independent music sector. We must take a ‘one step at a time’ approach if we are going to achieve our goals, and we are happy to report that we are on track to doing just that.