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When Heth and Jedd uploaded their studio version of this song to bittunes, back in late May, they left the following message, for us. (by the way, we love the studio version, which will be available on bittunes, but this live version captures something about these guys that really inspires us, a spontaneity and lack of pretension, and simple love of their music which we absolutely share.)

“Hi, We’re brothers Heth and Jed—we are duo from New York City. The track we’re uploading is Future Memory from our CD Between the In and the Out. Our CD is a mixture of Rock tunes and atmospheric soundscapes. Produced by producer Jamie Candiloro. Were 100% DIY, self-funded and we were so psyched when we came across your website. We wish you much luck and thank you for considering us—we’d be honored to be a part of bittunes. Thanks, Heth and Jed”

www.hethandjed.com www.youtube.com/hethandjed www.twitter.com/hethandjed