Music Manager is another class of user, similar to a ‘Music Maker’ but actually caters to a separate need. The Music Manager is a service provider to the independent music sector. This could be a sound engineer, a publisher, or small label or the owner of a small recording studio who has provided recording services to some bands or individual musicians and has an arrangement with them to upload their music tracks and essentially act for them.


Category to be open and inclusive

This category was not originally intended to be available in Bittunes, and we have struggled with the issue of what layers on top of the binary relationship between Artist and fan to allow in the system. We do not want to enable hierarchies inside Bittunes, because our vision is very much about disintermediation of the music industry value chain, not adding layers.

This is why we settled (for the moment) on this category which is very open and inclusive. It is our intention that this becomes a very user-defined category, to let it grow naturally without preconceptions. We will reevaluate how the overall system is working periodically.