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Simon Edhouse explains Bittunes Strategy

In this video Managing Director Simon Edhouse explains the strategy and context behind Bittunes. In brief, Bittunes derived from a growing awareness that there were long term and serious problems in the music industry and that although P2P technology has been available for many years, no one has yet created a solution fo the music industry using this obvious technology.

Recap: what are we intending to do?

The bittunes project is about fundamentally changing the way digital music distribution operates on the internet. The project potentially affects both the ‘demand’ and ‘supply’ side of the equation. The initial and most relevant aspect of the project is that it allows people who buy music, (demand side) to earn income by being directly involved in the distribution of digital music. The project also positively affects the ‘supply side’ (artists/copyright holders) by being able to provide fairer distribution of royalties, and it primarily achieves this by flattening the music industry supply chain.

Achieving these effects involves altering or utilizing 3 key factors:

a) the distribution processes, (using P2P systems)
b) application of copyright (extending creative commons)
c) the payments mechanisms. (using digital currencies)

All of these 3 factors achieve novelty in this system because they are combined together in an atypical way. Further, they effectively all have the characteristic that they all operate on the edges of the network (on client devices) rather than at the core of the network (on servers controlled by businesses)

Free to contact us if you would like to  become more involved.

write to: admin at bittunes dot org